Resumé – Lori Petersen Waite, Editor

Lori is not only a talented editor, she understands the soul of the story. That’s a talent. And she has it in spades.
– Craig Clyde
Feature Film Director Storm Rider

Lori participated in serving as an editor for a short film for the StoryGive initiative.  Lori approached the project with professionalism and excitement! She took the creative vision and made it her own in the post process. Lori was also instrumental in managing the other post processes, working with audio and sound design. Her willingness to do more than what was required is what made working with Lori a pleasure! I look forward to working with her again!                                    – Bobby Marko, Producer & Director at MarkoVisual

Lori was an amazing find!  I found her incredibly easy to work with, full of ideas, and able to work very effectively with feedback. She is a professional – organized and responsive – and took our work very seriously. And I was very happy with how the two films she edited for us turned out. It is difficult to find a good collaborator, especially in creative work, but Lori was a pleasure to work with.
– Laura Guichard
Program Director of Digital Dove, Hollywood

Lori is a quiet powerhouse. In her calm demeanor, she listens, observes, and reads between the lines. Yet she then asks thoughtful, sometimes piercing, and always insightful questions. Her work is top tier quality! It is viewer-friendly, effective, creative, and smart. It is also planned ahead, followed through on, thorough, on budget, and on time. What’s best is she is a dream to work with! I would hire her without hesitation if given the opportunity! And, I recommend anyone considering hiring her to do so asap – before someone else snatches her from you.
– Megan McInnis
Executive Producer of Doing Good web and television series

“When it came to selecting an editor for my film, ‘Father, Son & Holy Moses!,’ I was hoping to get someone who had experience in editing. With Lori Petersen Waite, I got that and so much more. I got a true filmmaking partner who invested herself in the story to the degree where Lori knew what the characters would do in a given situation even better than I did. Lori is technically skilled on all fronts and has the intuition to know when to draw out a moment and when to transition quickly. Lori is so easy to work with, often offering to show things two or three different ways just to make sure the producer/director gets all the possible options. I highly recommend Lori Petersen Waite for your editing opportunities and I’m certain to ask her to join me in my future films.
– Mitch Emoff
Executive Producer & Writer of “Father, Son & Holy Moses”

After viewing the first cut, I knew I had an editor that shared the same overall vision and how the story should actually take shape. It was like Lori had ESP, able to get into my head and know what I intended for the look and pacing of the film. I will definitely call on her again and I highly recommend Lori.
– Allen Carver
Producer & Director of “The Captives”

This was my first foray into producing my own film. I chose Lori to edit my short film BLIND SIGHTED over several recommended editors. Lori tied together footage from two different cameras and cinematographers beautifully and delivered a fully satisfactory producer’s cut. Her job was done and I was quite happy. But my deeper recommendation comes from the fact that there were some finer points that I learned, as a first filmmaker that I wanted to delve into and elevate. Lori stepped up as a true professional and coached me, then went back to her editing station to revise the film until we had the best possible festival submission. Lori’s on my team any time I need an editor.
Dustin Alexander III
– Screenwriter, Director, Author, Songwriter